My Kiln


My kiln is loosely based on Southeast Asian kiln designs, and influenced by Fred Olsen’s Hollyweird Tube kiln which I helped construct in July of 1985.  Fred and his kiln have had a deep influence on my approach to kiln building and wood firing.  

The kiln is loaded from a side door and stoked from a small port in front.  The rock work buttresses the brickwork and holds a layer of dirt which adds insulation.  The arch is a castable refractory formed over dirt covered with plastic.  When the castable had set, the forms and dirt were removed.

I built benches into one side wall of this kiln for sitting on and warming up on cold nights or days.  From past experiences I knew this was one feature that was a must for my kiln.  The heat from the kiln warms the dirt and stone buttress work creating a pleasant place to sit or nap.  The benches also hold shelves, pots ready to load, or pots coming out of the kiln.

                                                                    My Work



My daughter Crescent is all smiles on her late night shift